Keck Medical Center

The Anatomical Gift Program at USC

The benefits of a willed body donation.

In all of medical science, there is no greater direct source of knowledge than the human body.  Through the study of anatomy, students at USC’s School of Medicine, School of Dentistry and Department of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy learn the fundamentals of body structures, how they function and how they relate to each other.  The knowledge of anatomy provides the foundation for all their future training. The importance of this knowledge base is confirmed by surveys of recent medical school graduates who uniformly describe their anatomy classes as the most valuable to them in their practice and research.  Many current lifesaving medical practices and surgical techniques have their genesis using human bodies which were donated through anatomical gift programs operating at medical schools and hospitals throughout the country.  The faculty, students and staff at USC are deeply aware of the value of this gift and understand that each donor and their family has made a tremendous sacrifice so that other future generations can live long and healthy lives.

How can you help?

You have an opportunity now to join the special group of people who have distinguished themselves by touching the lives other others through their participation in USC’s Anatomical Gift Program.  We sincerely hope you will become one of those extraordinary people who make it possible for others to live long and healthy lives.

Contact us to learn more.

The University’s Anatomical Gift Program is administered under the guidelines established by the State of California.  Individuals who are interested in becoming donors to this program are required to complete three forms to formalize this process: the donation form, signed by the donor and witnessed by two individuals, a vital statistics form, and a brief medical history form.  At your request, a representative of USC will furnish you with detailed information about the program and your eligibility for participation.